Update 2.1.*: Daily Goals + Analytics

February 5, 2017 - QueueDo
Update 2.1.*: Daily Goals + Analytics

The Updates

Since version 1.9 we’ve added a few additional features, analytics and daily goals.  We’ve also made several other minor tweaks and fixed minor bugs.


We know some of our users, like us, probably care a lot about tracking their progress and effectiveness.  This is why we’ve started to include analytics into QueueDo.  Right now the analytics are fairly rudimentary; letting you view the number of goals you’ve completed, their importance, and their expected duration over the course of the week.  Shortly we will be adding in an export feature so you can analyze the data however you would like (and over longer time spans).  We’ll likely also add a time tracking feature to the application, once we work out a way to incorporate this without disrupting the clean design of the app.

Daily Goals

We’ve added a daily goals feature! The purpose and underlying support for the effectiveness of this feature will be expounded upon in a future dedicated post, but for now I’ll just cover the functionality and our initial reasons for incorporating it into QueueDo.

I’ve personally found that when I have a large number of tasks to do throughout the day, looking at them all equally leaves me overwhelmed.  In fact some days I could be split between a number of tasks and end up not getting any done or a few of minor importance.  On the other hand, I found that if I narrowed my focus to the most critical goal I was almost always able to complete it.  Furthermore the momentum I gained from this accomplishment helped carry me through the rest of the day and I was also, most often, able to complete a number of important tasks.  Additionally creating a single daily goal can help create focus, to make sure that you are not only being efficient, getting the most things done, but also effective, getting the right things done.

We suggest you try daily goals for a few weeks and see how it impacts your work and personal goals.  We recommend setting reminders for daily goals in the settings, one in the morning that alerts you to specify your main goal for the day and one in the evening to remind you to record whether you’ve completed your main goal, completed an alternative but equally or more important goal, or deferred your daily goal.  We believe that after a few weeks you will see tremendous improvements in your effectiveness and overall sense of accomplishment.

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