Update 1.9.*: Improving for Android Lollipop

January 28, 2017 - QueueDo
Update 1.9.*: Improving for Android Lollipop

The Updates

Bug Fixes

We’ve fixed a bug which on certain devices and situations caused QueueDo to crash when the user exits or moves the application to background.

UI Improvements for Lollipop

When emulating for Android version 5.* we found that some aspects of our user interface relied on features of Android 6+.  As such we implemented code that will adapt the user interface of 5.* to more closely mirror that in newer android versions and give better user experience of our application to users with Android Lollipop

Thanks to Our Users

As the old adage goes, you don’t know what you don’t know.  We rigorously test QueueDo as best we can on emulators and our physical devices.  However. we don’t have all devices at our disposal and we can’t simulate all possible user experiences. Luckily what we do have is engaged users like you who help us make QueueDo better.  User feedback helped us spot the crash bug when the application was sent to background.  This prompted us to emulate the user experience in Android version 5, and find that the user experience in QueueDo was not on par with android versions 6 and 7.  If you have any info that can help us improve QueueDo we strongly urge you to submit feedback through the suggestion box in the application.

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