The Core Principle of QueueDo

January 13, 2017 - QueueDo
The Core Principle of QueueDo

First and foremost our small team at QueueDo want to help you…well…do.  We wan’t to help you flow from task to task without having to break focus, we wan’t to make the information most relevant to your time and place immediately accessible, and we wan’t to help you maintain the energy, willpower, and focus you need to achieve your work and life goals.

Flow from Task to Task

Instead of a traditional static list we use a sort-able queue to help you automatically organize your tasks by due date, duration, or importance.  This allows you, after picking a sorting scheme to simply do the next task in your queue instead of searching for the next most appropriate thing to do.  We also offer calendar integration, which puts your tasks and calendar events in the same place so you don’t have to consult multiple applications to find what’s next on your agenda.

Contextual Information with GeoNotes

You have certain things you want to remember at work, chores for home, groceries you need to get at the store, and possibly many more location dependent reminders.  With GeoNotes you can create location specific notes.  Then we’ll bring the info for your current location to the forefront in the application and the GeoNotes widget.  This prevents the distraction of being faced with home related reminders at work (and vice-versa) and you can receive a notification reminding you about your grocery list at the store.

Maintain Energy, Willpower, and Focus

Our team is devoted to making a tool to allow you to reach decisions about which task to do quickly through queuing (sorting) and context dependent notes, decreasing decision fatigue.  This gives you more energy to actually do more of your todos since you don’t have to spend time sifting through them before moving to the next task.  This additional time and energy can also be used to map out future tasks to help you achieve your goals.

QueueDo is a Service

QueueDo is not a static thing, instead we view it as a service.  We will continuously improve the user experience according to the above principles and feedback from our users, we strongly urge you to make any suggestions you think could improve QueueDo through the suggestion box in the application.

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